Dry clean or steam clean?

We offer both depending on your circumstances. For domestic work we would recommend steam clean for example where as for an office maintenance contract dry cleaning ( or buffering ) may be the preferred option.

Drying Times with steam cleaning?

While there are many factors acting upon this we would usually recommend between 4-6 hours natural drying time. In circumstances where rapid drying time is required we can speed the process by applying our turbo dryers to the carpet/furnishings


So this is another area in which we like to stand out from the crowd. For example, in a small % of cases stains may reappear on drying. If this does happen just make a quick call and we will call back free of charge and take care of this using an appropriate method. Any signs we may have spotted of potential problems we will call you after 24-48 hours to make sure everything has been dealt with correctly and to the highest standard.