Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning

  • Drying Times

Typically 2-12 hours unaided.  If we are cleaning more than one item say a 2 piece & a 3 piece we will clean the one you wish to use again first and rapidly dry this item with our specially designed air movers whilst we clean the second item, in many cases leaving the first item usable by the time we leave.

Driers will be left when necessary & collected at a later date

  • Blue Jean Dye Transfer, Newspaper Arms, Greasy Hair Tops, Dirt the Dog Dragged in…

Around 80% of common household stains removed within normal cleaning process with no extra charge

Severe staining that most of our competitors do not have the knowledge to deal with can usually be corrected – the more you can tell us about the cause of the stain the likelier our success rate

  • Animal  Accidents / Smells

All but in the worst scenarios are effectively dealt with.  In the worst scenarios urine may have penetrated the padding, here we can use our needle & syringes to inject sanatisation products & odour elimination straight into the cushions.  We will give our honest opinion upon inspection before bookings are taken


Established 2006 our friendly firm has been providing excellent results for over a decade now.

Clean furnishings can make more difference to your homes general feel than you may think – you more than likely sit on your favourite item every day & have others in your line of sight

  • Feeling Brittle After DIY Attempt

If you have put your covers through the washing machine & they have become brittle this is likely due to one of two reasons:

  1.  The material is not keen on the water content and has stiffened.  We can correct this using the right products
  2. Soap powder used in the wash hasn’t flushed out properly and there has been a residue left in the material.  We can remove this
  • Pet owners beware :0

Do you realise how much your animal can ‘leak’?  Not nice we know, our Ultra Violet torches can show up what you don’t want to know is there!  Don’t worry, we won’t unless you ask or we feel it is in our care of duty to inform you!!

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Here Is How We Can Help

Enthusiasm for what we do..

Pride in our work is very important; it’s what ensures the standards we achieve.

  • It Starts With An No-obligation Quote – A quick call out to your location so we can give you accurate pricing with no up-sell once we turn up to do the work.  The price we quote is the price you pay.
  • Tell Us What You Need – Walk us around & show us any reasons that have prompted you to call.  Point out any stains, smells, traffic lanes, tell us the history of what you want cleaned or maintained.  The more you tell us the better we can tailor our work to suit your expectations.
  • We Do The ‘Legwork’ – Don’t worry about having to completely empty rooms.  Small fragile objects we ask you to relocate. However, beds, wardrobes etc can usually be moved around as we work to ensure a complete job, not just the impression of one.
  • You Decide At Your Leisure – After having met with us and gone through the process we then leave it to you to decide.  No pressure you can book us in there or we can leave you to discuss with your family the best times and options for you.
  • Give Us The Go Ahead – Once you do this your booking is then confirmed and we await the time to call round and carry out the work in our expert fashion.
  • Your Beautiful Home – When work is completed we neatly pack ourselves away, show you the results, give you advice on aftercare and leave you to enjoy your fresh clean home in happy comfort

Call Us On 0191 241 1444


"I have tried a few carpet cleaning services and found The Carpet Doctor to be the best. They can deal with any problem and always provide an excellent all round service!"


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