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Embarrassed in front of the guests?
Sick of seeing the same old grubby walkways?
Baby on the way?

Whatever the reason a cleaner fresher healthier carpet will spruce up your home & you can be surprised how much this adds to a general sense of well being – we know – we experience it ourselves everyday, on your face and on ours!


How often do you mop your kitchen floor? 

Now think about the colour of the dirty water once you have finished – and how often you have your carpets cleaned compared to this?

If you’ve never had your carpets cleaned before you can be ASTOUNDED with the results!  Or even if you have, we know others who have had bad experiences with bad performers, read our reviews & you’ll know which kind we are 🙂

How Do We Do It ?

We start with identifying your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs.  There are many ways to clean a carpet and our expert technicians will quickly select which best suit your needs.  Our most popular method is our most thorough, known as Hot Water Extraction (HWE) or Steam Cleaning.

Dependant on your carpet type we spray the correct solutions so as to offer the maximum cleaning effect WITHOUT damage – particularly important when it comes to wool carpeting – into your fibres with temperatures of up to 80⁰ and then agitate these in making sure each and every fibre is coated.

These solutions then suspend the dirt away from the fibre to await extraction with our powerful multi motored units taking the dirt away with the solutions into a dirty fill tank outside your home.  Where things like paint or make-up have bonded to the carpet fibres we have a range of solvent based products which we may use to break the bond.

In cases where the fibres have been dyed by staining once they are clean of residue we may on occasion use powerful oxidation or reduction processes to alter the way the light hits these pre-damaged fibres to make the damage less apparent or totally invisible, depending on the extent of the damage and fibre type.

Whichever methods we use we make sure that you are comfortable with the processes involved before we start and ensure to rinse all detergents away or to use specially non-residual solutions to ensure your carpet once clean & fresh stays this way for as long as possible.

Drying Times With Steam Cleaning ?

While there are many factors acting upon this we would usually recommend between 4-6 hours natural drying time. In circumstances where rapid drying time is required we can speed the process by applying our turbo dryers to the carpet/furnishings


So this is another area in which we like to stand out from the crowd. For example, in a small % of cases stains may reappear on drying. If this does happen just make a quick call and we will call back free of charge and take care of this using an appropriate method. Any signs we may have spotted of potential problems we will call you after 24-48 hours to make sure everything has been dealt with correctly and to the highest standard

At The Carpet Doctor we live on our reputation, and every customer becomes our mouthpiece.

We take care of your carpets & soft furnishings to extend their lifespan saving the need to replace as often as you otherwise would.

Thank you for reading, to find out more about our company or to view our galleries click on the links below.  Speak to you soon 🙂


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