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Home Carpet Cleaning FAQ

While every circumstance is different a carpet will typically be touch dry with-in around 4-6 hours. We provide disposable slip on/off blue overshoes for your use during this time so there is no need to stay off the carpet as it fully dries.

Further advice can be given on this upon inspection as the carpet type and even the available air space in your home can effect this.

Yes. All the products we use are internationally recognised by the industry and are of the highest standards.
We will move furniture as standard as we clean. What we do request is that the floor is clear of any bits and pieces, children’s toys and magazines for example.

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

No, not for us. We clean silks, velvets and viscose and all other materials. Different fabrics do require different solutions, temperatures and cleaning methods, we are knowledgeable in this however and can provide the optimum method for cleaning each item we are presented with.
Yes. Scotch guard is a well known term for what we would call a stain guard or fabric protector, where when something is spilt on your carpets or upholstery it will run off like a waxed car screen and not absorb into the fibres causing potential staining.
In most cases yes. Some materials it is not the best or most appropriate method but many others this is an idea way to treat your upholstery with typically quicker drying times than a steam clean.

Commercial Carpet Care & Office Carpet Cleaning

In most circumstances this can be arranged upon acceptance of the quotation. We know it is not always practical to engage in deep cleaning whilst there may be an office full of calls being made.
Yes and we have extensive experience. We carry risk assessments and COSH sheets for all our chemicals and methodologies and have relevant certificates for waste removal so you are not caught short by unwitting contractors.
Yes, we can work both ad hoc or on regular pre-arranged intervals. We have many many great working relationships in both ways with some major names in and around the North East and Newcastle town centre.

Mattress Cleaning

We would recommend allowing to dry overnight to be sure but extra sheets can always be used to sleep on the cleaned mattress that night with no issues.
In around 80% or more cases yes, most can be removed by one method or another at our disposal. In any remaining cases the stains would still be rendered sanitised and disinfected leaving only an lingering impression with no harmful remnants.
Yes, we have chemicals designed for this very purpose that can penetrate right into the centre of the mattress following the path of any accidents completely killing any harmful bacteria’s and smells.

Agency Cleaning / End of Tenancies

Yes. Various methods of cleaning are available with differing drying times but within reason you can expect your carpets to be okay to move the same day.
No, we can arrange a number of ways to suit you including key collection/drop off from many estate agents we have good working relationships with in the area. On other occasions we can meet to be granted access and leave the key in a designated place or returned to you at a different address where convenient.
Yes, we have an extensive network of estate agents on our books and various hotels and air B’n’B owners. With a multi-van operation we can get to you much sooner than may be expected and carry out many emergency last minute carpet cleans for agents and home movers. Key collection & drop off all part of the service.

Bodily Accidents - Human/Pet

Yes. Our treatment target the micro organisms such as the bacteria and disinfect any viral strains in the contaminants using selected enzymes suited to the job but do not harm any living organisms large enough to see with the human eye.
Yes to human and most cases of dogs, cat urine however is much more difficult and sometimes replacement may unfortunately be the only option for complete removal.
Using our water claw techniques it is possible for us to allow our solutions to be heavily concentrated enough to seep through your carpets and in to your sub flooring (underlay, floorboards etc..) following the path of the contaminates. This technique then allows us to extract the broken down contaminates after a given time of contact with the solutions back up through your sub flooring and carpet into our waste recovery tanks.

Textile Inspect & Pest Control

Yes, the molecule size of are treatments means only miniature creatures such as beetles and fleas are effected, they are harmless to larger animals.
No, we deal with small insects but not larger animals such as mice or rats.
Once the carpet has dried or after 1 hour, whichever comes first, the treated area will be suitable to walk on and the room can be used as normal.

Fumigation FAQ

After 1 hour any air borne particles will have fallen to the ground and at this point it will now be safe to re-enter any property.


Yes. The particle sizes are such that fumigation should leave no wet surfaces to touch and are so microscopic as to only affect other microscopic entities.

Trauma / Crime Scene Cleaning

Yes although it may take more than a single visit to complete the process. Using some of the same solutions the NHS uses to clean their hospitals we neutralise any virus and bacteria’s before we begin to make the contaminate safe to work on.
Yes, we work with a team to deal with all aspects of trauma and crime clean ups and can dispose of any waste securely and legally.
Yes, we are affiliated with several legal and insurance companies and can carry out any work with full discretion.