Domestic carpet & upholstery cleaning services

  • Drying Times

Typically 4-6 hours.  Rapid speed drying optional where required or requested

  • Stain Removal

Around 80% of common household stains removed within normal cleaning process with no extra charge

Severe staining that most of our competitors do not have the knowledge to deal with can usually be corrected – the more you can tell us about the cause of the stain the likelier our success rate

  • Reappearing Stains

This can be caused by what is known in the industry as ‘wick back’.  If you hire a machine from the supermarket once you have removed any light staining with this machinery the motors often aren’t enough to pull the stain right from the root of the carpet fibre.  Once the carpet dries it dries from the bottom to the top and can pull this mark back to the surface hence its ‘reappearance’

Out motors are powerful enough to clean the whole of your carpet fibres.  However ‘wick back’ can in some cases still occur when the stain has penetrated the backing or underlay of carpet.  If this happens we will return FREE of charge within the following days to remedy this 🙂

  • Tread Lanes

The most common reason to have your carpets cleaned.  Whilst cleaning the whole carpet we use an extra solution in advance of the clean to raise the dense dirt trodden in to the surface giving us a much easier & effective cleaning of these heavily trodden areas

  • Animal  Accidents / Smells

All but in the worst scenarios are effectively dealt with.  Unfortunately in the worst scenarios urine may have penetrated the underlay & the floorboards but we would advise truthfully & to the best of our knowledge should this be the case upon inspection and advise accordingly


Your Family Service

Established 2006 our friendly firm has been providing excellent results for over a decade now.

A clean carpet can make more difference to your homes general feel than you may think – you may not even realise just how dirty a carpet is until shown the difference.

Our cleaning solutions leave no residue in you carpets and also leave them a neutral pH which helps extend the lifespan of your carpet and also lessens the frequency of clean your carpet will need ( save for accidents )

Here we can also help using a stain guarding product should you wish which will then give you the time needed to sweep up those spillages before they become stains!

As professionals & householders ourselves we are our own customers too and can testify to this – it’s hard not to feel a sense of pleasure knowing that what is often the largest part of your home you physically come into contact with is as like new as is should be 🙂

Challenge! Ask our expert anything – we will be surprised if you can ask a question we cannot answer 😉

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